Pre-race program 

   Guest lecture program

Trail running, mountain-related experts guest lecture 

Trail talk

Jaeduk SIM (Colombia Montrail)

Jisub KIM (The North Face)

A tremendous time to bring together two trail runners representing Korea and listen to their experience, know-how, and stories.

   Mandatory gear check 

(inspection period and method will be announced later)

Safety is the most important thing in the trail running race. Mandatory gear check for the runners will be carried out through online in 2020 due to COVID-19.


(necessary)Race regulation, precautions, course, COVID-19 regulations, and safety and emergency measures will be informed by documentation and videos due to COVID-19


Sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism 

Hosted by ULJU

Presented by JSCENO  ㅣ CEO : Jey Jang

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